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The old man who died of disease of the shoulder-joint, was also too ill

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is poisoned in detail by the retention of its own excrements.

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find that it is probably because the symptoms are all appa-

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from Janeway (/. c). They illustrate the points that have

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Mrs. W. M., of Kaupo, New^ Zealand, aged 27, primipara (patient

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Symptoms. — Generally comes on when animal is warmed up.

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resolved to forward it to the Ministry of Pensions.

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Box 9639, Marina del Rey, CA 90291, Phone (213) 822-1312.

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In Playfair's textbook, a case is reported in which a

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ices, salads, shell-fish, etc., in some persons always, and occasionally in all,

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lower the metabolism preoperatively in eleven severe

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of the State of New York’s Resolution Concerning AIDS

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almost moribund from intestinal obstruction it was good surgery to

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hand and advanced age on the other, each the cell content of the spmal fluid.

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ence exists in the KIA category : 2.5 percent of all United States

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is referred to as Fig. 1 in the text; Fig. 1, an illustration of

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while a scarcity of the same increases it. An increased mole-

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by its use much constitutional irritation could be spared the patient. He

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when an operation has to be performed on a child. Children

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weakened by hemorrhage, the chances of the child should be

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lungs, and is considered by competent clinicians so useful a differential

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joints, and extending almost to the knees; no pain when the patient remains immobile.

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of hemogl6binuria in which the corpuscles have disap-

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to reproduce them in prepositional order ; but in cases of loss

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regard to the formation of specific precipitins in the blood

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a long, vertical cut, and shows no point of rupture. There are some

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could not tell her age, nor how nor when she got ill ; all the

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branch of literature." That the professional character of

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habitual drunkenness ranks as one of the first, and M. Legoyt,

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this is the almost universal practice both of those

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