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relation of the unmedullated part of the nerve fibers to the glia

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The use of opium as advised by Prof. Stille may be safely adopted. This

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good, and the care and trouble expended by the author

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on extravasated blood, and not merely on congestion of the Malpighian

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the quantity supposed to be required. This quantit}^ for an adult is from

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posing the bone underneath to be greatly increased in vascu-

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mm. greatest length was also studied. The brain, in situ, and

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But the most characteristic objects are cylindrical bodies which are evi-

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row. This space may be termed the first space or the first

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latter affection is then called Hcorbutic dytienfery. It may coexist with

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these circumstances, may become enormously distended. In a case related

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Belogolowy, G. 1912 Studien zur Morphologic des Nervensystems der Wir-

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Cooper says, when the surface begins to grantilate, a piece

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much wasted. These changes were more marked in the left than in the

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The difference between the morning and evening temperature at the time

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portion of the tongue corresponding to the paralyzed side, is diminished,

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o-eneral or local, purgation, mercurialization, emetics, and nauseants, are

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ends from self-limitation, but the minimum and maximum of duration are

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drachm to a drachm. An objection to this solution is the bulk. Lorent,

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a subacute affection. In a large proportion of cases, the event which first

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degree the characteristic gait, and the embarrassment in speech was such

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diseases peculiar to women or the diseases which are properly surgical.

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The opinion long ago expressed by His ('87, p. 398), that the

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among the poor classes, and for obvious reasons. It is asthenic,

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fect being, and back again, is untenable; and there is no other

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Figure 15 shows that the nervous elements are covered with a

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stated, that in any doubtful cases I believed if tenderness on