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Mercurial treatment may produce tenderness of the gums, salivation
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cold bath is contra-indicated when the pulse is irregular and intermittent,
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folded and tucked in on the other. If necessary, a square of mackintosh
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be no actual rupture of the outer layers of the tissue. Such a cornea
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over the crisis, and permanently relieved the dyspnoea and cyanosis.
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Good authorities still held that the disease was probably not extinct ;
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as far as possible. The need for stringency in these matters is often
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position exerts upon some temperaments. On the whole, however, in
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on one of its tissues or on one of its parts. In restoring the function
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by her friends to send her to the Asylum for the Blind in Boston, in
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dressed to tbvin will be promptly attended to. Price, $10.
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other reasons. A critical case is likely to lose more by the journey to
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Albuminuria, whether present or not at the time of examination, if
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into connective tissue cells, (y) It is quite possible, indeed probable,
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Weber of the inhibitory nerve of the heart had suggested new ideas
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resists the passage of morphia: hence opiate applications are far less
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Pembrey's researches on the subject do not seem to make it probable ; for
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To the Medical College is attached a Medioal Library, a costly andrextensive Chemical A1>p«paias,
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signed with his name in full, with the affixion of M.D. — which is enough
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drugs through the epidermis or its ducts, any effective influence is
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and for several, probably five or six years, was prevalent in various
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such an hypothesis must rest, is very complex to its nature. Facts are
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fatal spasm was induced by the administration of chloroform before
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albamins, and the products of fermeatatiori. These substances to the pa-
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forms of disease. In short, the abstruse problems of predisposition
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same number of houi*s of sleep as the big boy who is leaving, whereas
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immediate results are a fine sense of well-being, a feeling of comfortable
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dence of cell degeneration. It is true that of late the researches of Borel
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reticis." Reprint from Verhandl. der physikal-medicin. Ces. zu. Wurzburg, vol. xxii.
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no septic mischief would have resulted. It has been supposed that
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pared plates exposed to the air of wards containing cases of erysipelas
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microbe can also resist the toxin of such microbe to varying degrees, and,
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tion of skin, etc. Effect of medicine, and any special symptoms con-
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introduce a tube through which nourishment' may be passed with a free
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the island of Thasos. The observations of Hippocrates are somewhat
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the irritation of the diseased prepuce or glans penis, and take on the
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both so strong that the doses required are small, and that they are advan-
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what may be the consequences, even in this enlightened age, to the very
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almost without exception : the common indications of this are — first,
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that the poisonous secretions of the newly-formed part gain access to
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probable that in very many cases irritation induces increased, even if
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some few instances, more especially in the less severe forms, pyogenetic
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migratory form of erysipelas, but is not accompanied by pain or any
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we may associate with these old observations the discussions which have
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but see that, with the exception of emetics, purgatives, bitters, and car-
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•ppmcb towards the eifiator. In the oity of Philadelpbia, the avenge
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to public health were considered by corporate bodies, a movement in
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