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meals? Do your own shopping?” Ambulation may require

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stone was held definitely in place. Finally I hooked

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has taken place. Much undoubtedly depends on the situation of the

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tance : First, never cover all the limb, leaving a part, as the fingers or toes, for

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is as follows. After a thorough evacuation of the bowels,

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bowels soon become disturbed by sympathy, and hence

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diseases, nervous disorders, alimentary catarrhal afflictions,

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by means of a spoon. The moment it begins to set cease stir-

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article of dress (p. 427). In simulated personal injuries, the stain of blood

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Medical men ought to record their observations however

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no other way by which such a result can be brought about

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portal which will not admit two fingers? Certainly, if the

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That is about as straight evidence as to cause and effect that any

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of the rapid rate of filtration there is great economy of space. However,

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responsibility. He no longer read, and never volunteered

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with the West Coast of Africa, the experience has not

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by the excess of carbonic acid contained therein. The

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livery by traction on the neck of a foetus partially extruded.

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— there are many forms. One of the simplest has been introduced by Hill

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reason that all the students .will go to the Dominion for registration. Supposing you insist

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tion of the bladder. Finally, a few hours after the exposure

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accident. The only thing to do at this stage of the

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Ewart shows how cough, bronchial catarrh, interstitial pneu-

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of Obstetric Medicine — (applause) — that is, they will have to

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merate the chief among the diseases and conditions under which it may arise,

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dence renders it certain that human intercourse has, at least, a

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adhered to strictly. The frequency and fatality of dis-

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has been the occasion, says the "Britisl) Medical Journal," of

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usual. Great frequency of the pulse always denotes gravity and danger,

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of the femur, with bony union. Tr. Path. Soc. Lond., 1887-

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Quantity. — This varies from the slightest trace to 800 cc. in twenty-

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Strychnia, Atropia, Digitaline, Arsenious Acid, Ela-

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Especially does this affect the brain as one-fifth of all the

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217-222.— Wight (.1. S.) On exsection of the knee-joint.

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a fracture at the base of the skull. The doctor who

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great meteoric distension and stercoraceous vomiting. When blood

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surgery was $857 higher. The mean uterine weight in

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added. In winter a slightly larger quantity of oil is required to

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gland draining them at the root of the mesentery was involved.

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