Does Mebendazole Kill Roundworm Eggs

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has recently been studied by Dieulafoy, who has shown by bacterio-

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sophique et phisiologique de I'h^r^dit* naturelle, Paris, 1850.

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istered free from oxygen or air, certain phenomena arise which

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usually lasts for a few days, more or less, according to the

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originated in the unhealthy child, ulceration, either in the substance of the tonsil, or

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progress during the lying-in state ; the time occupied in other

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have no doubt been performed in the past under such

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the constitutional condition of the patients in a large number of cases of

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diathesis or gout. The changes are apparently very largely in the white

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nered the honest fruitage of not over-much labour, and has

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bility in the relative amounts of urobilin and urobilinogen formed,

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indeed, generally, more or less sympathy between the

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aching pains in the 2nd joints of the fingers of the left hand. Fre-

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years ago from bovine small-pox successful human vaccination has been

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ophthalmoscope as a matter of routine. As a consequence of

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)3usiness ! lie sells cigars, and the people smoke tliem I And re-

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attempt to conceive, the subtlety and fineness of the retinal and

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(treatment) was followed. It is said that it was directed

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rent flowing in the same direction as that through the arc.

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Gentlemen : Gout seems to be a malady as old as the world

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cases are given. He never observed any unpleasant effects from the doses

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the secretion, but to the irritation of the mouth, produced by excreting

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was oedematous. The swelling gradually diminished, and disappeared

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tone of all the tissues, the skin included. Under such condi-

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By a very little reflection, it will be evident that in

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de Belg., Brux., 1893, 4. s., vii, 21-37.— I^oiide (P.) Ex-

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Albany and Montgomery (quarterly), N. Y. ; Worcester,

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many countries, although not in England, is ague. I have already more than

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necessary to know the hygienic significance of respiratory contamination

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crowded trains ; arriving in places — e.g., Nish — where no accommodation

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tate in some cases from a mere examination to pronounce

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moved by sulphuretted hydrogen. In the fluid freed by filtration