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(platelets and other tissue juices) and serozyme (similar to prothrom-

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Dinner: Fresh meat or chicken nearly every day; Irish potatoes and a few

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of tabes dorsalis was made. For sixteen months he had been nervous and

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road stations which have happened to individuals on running to catch

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meningitis, and after injuries, hemorrhage, or concussion. Sur-

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within the arterial tubes is in greater tension than normal, owing to

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Winternitz 9 found serum globulin moderately increased in syphilis.

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stage of broken compensation. It occurs especially early and

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the condition of the patient after an interval without any treatment.

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bones of the skeleton are short and broad, while the epiphyses are

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was seen by us until some years after the onset of pellagra and in one

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less frequent than those associations already discussed, is an impor-

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or coffee, excesses, or bad habits, and attacks are precipitated often

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ventricular conduction is abnormally delayed, so that the impulse

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meal. The successive specimens of urine were collected, measured and

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still functionally active is sufficient to maintain health again as age

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scourge similar to that which long residence confers. We have here,

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the tumor is wanting, the description suggests its inclusion under

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because errors of treatment and of hygienic management in this stage