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when the ammonium borate has a maximum value and does not further
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lowered ratlier than a heightened vital power. Tlie fact itself
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and useful service in behalf of couimon school education.
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chiefs, and occasioning extensive morbid derangements in the
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sound, and of a character identical with that of the " pre-
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hypertrophic paralysis. The ingestion of thymus or of extract of thymus
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diuresis, carrying off the dropsy within three weeks, and the albumen in
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of one thread above, and those of the other below ; which by degrees cuts it out :
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which embraces the pyloric extremity of the stomach. The time
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irritate the parts and should not be used. Small doses of saline
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adapted her teaching so as to make it much more mysti-
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field of study, cannot be without interest. As previous
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comparison of treatment with lisinopril versus enalapril for congestive heart failure
It seems now to have been clearly proved that the so-called " Rodent
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seven thousand infantile and maternal lives would be preserved. And if we
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Clefl palate, case of operation for, 3 ; conservative treatment
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hallucination of sight, due to an abnormally increased irritability of the
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determined by the number of seconds which elapsed between suc-
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Diet — Animal food of various kinds, with vegetables, com-
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ticularly prone to gout ; and it is probably through the mediation of gout
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On the 27th of June the patient returned to the hospital
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after the onset. The pus showed pneumococci and that resulting
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Read in the Section on Medical Jurisprudence, at the Thirty-
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battle-field, which, from the moment of its attention, con-
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kc. Ueber die Lebensdauer der Typhusbacillen in osti-
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with excellent results in the following: Miss R., nineteen years of age, brunette, well
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the attempt to maintain an equilibrium, and the arms are thrown out like
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conditions of diagnosis which obtain in forward areas to be expanded' so as
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"But the chief objection made, and one which can hardly
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the gills is absorbed by them, and conveyed from them to the blood.
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after she had lost about a pint of blood by a sudden
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chronic form, varies. It sometimes remains stationary for years ; some-
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advantages. If he has discovered something of value in the
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dressed to, and all checks, drafts and post-office orders
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blood, we know of no instance where they existed in the amount, or
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amount of albumin and a large number of casts of all kinds. In
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ceeding with the series of tests is most unfortunate as it makes it impossible to draw
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were healthy ; there were subpleural ecchymoses in both lungs ; the
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very slight signs of illness, and been in many cases secondary or more
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anything either from the stomach or lungs, or even to whoop, and
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erally, of course, communications from a patient to
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race that tlie subject never afterward left his mind. In
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of a well-developed case of follicular ton- plished bv the scientific ventilation of a
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of a patient the order for whom is signed by his own father, brother, son,
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covering becomes thinner in some spot where the pressure
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aureus were obtained in all instances excepting one ; in
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Obstetrics, January, 1887) also made laparotomy upon two