Clarithromycin Side Effect

night following operation vomiting occurred frequently. Tem-

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aseptic are necessary ; and such drugs as the perchloride of mercury,

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Tumour of Orbit : .' Carcinoma. — Female, aged 57. Six years

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The different portions do not all partake equally of these func-

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Beynolds, J. B. — Lectures on the Clinical Uses of Electricity. 2d ed.

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water ; if the spray is used, the eyes should be protected by a bandage or

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traction, but the overwhelming majority of teachers and writers follow

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Mr. A. H. Tubby, in his book on " Orthopaedic Surgery," p. 414,

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am disposed to think, a central lesion. Huette, in 1850, gave a

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stance mixed with strong ammonia were rubbed into the skin

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is a natural constituent, being secreted as sulphuretted hydro-

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Greeks (true leprosy) may be dependent upon this parasite. Now

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as they appeared to be normal. Pain was the chief complaint of the

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very remarkable, it was yellow in colour (chamois colour), and mar-

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coal prepared by burning old leather. This acts in the same way

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especially those which innervate the soft palate, the laryngeal

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lished in all parts of the World ; India Office and Government Notifi-

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tary canal as one great gland, beginning at the pharynx,

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ischemia is due to an arterial spasm, the result of an effort on the

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to reopen in a day or two, from the closure of the original in-

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appear to be equally liable to this affection. With respect to the

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cerned with immunology, however produced, and treat-

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Case 4 had a H — I — I — |- tuberculous sputum, was

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the production of cystic cavities and the existence of a centre

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tablets containing each one-half drop of the German tincture

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