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Charles (1892). Sc. Mem. Med. Off. Army India, vii. Calcutta.
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In four cases I punctured the tumor, to allow the pus, which had
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36 Fortschritte auf der G'ebiete dem Rcntgenstrahlen. Hamburg.
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eight ounces of blood from the arm; used leeches on the temples; cold
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that water into which cholera dejections find their way produces cases of
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diately under investigation. Certainly a physical examination
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spoonfuls of cream of tartar, sifted in flour, vanilla flavor-
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crystals may occur in normal urine (about one urine out of every three),
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red and assume a ferocious aspect, resembling those of
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equalities — quickness, slowness, energy of character — are as depend-
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acting as secondary excitants. In consequence of the primary injury
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(5) It has one peculiar action : it suppresses the flow of urine. For this reason
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which attains its greatest intensity in the lower dorsal
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to quantitate this effect in terms of Yohimbine dosage,
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from Aesculapius and Cagliostro down to ^"gust a fine resume of the general princi-
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The xanthin calculi are "of a pale yellow color and exhibit a waxy
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ially over the appendix; elevation of tern- This is a matter which is still somewhat
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