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nerve force, by exerting an antagonistic force — one that is incompa-

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number of feet of atmospheric space at their parturient period, or

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where Dr Connel so carefully and skilfully continued the treatment,

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usual dose is 2 G. (30 gr.) for men and 1.5 G. (22 gr.) for women, but

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usual methods of treatment for the nervous condition. The author has

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the secretion be fetid, the therapy of the two conditions is identical;

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The remaining sections of the work on Injuries of the Pelvis and

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Inoculations made with loops holding about 0.016 cc.

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But the most important question regarding them at present ap-

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occasions I have failed to continue the cold air treatment because

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of the Adirondack range in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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action of the small amount of chloroform actually in the blood. On

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of snake-poison becoming more marked. 4.17. — Injected forty

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apparatus is changed to the other side of the neck for the same length of

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it is wholly without reaction. We use a 15 or 20 per cent, solution. In

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vescing water, or it can be added to tea or coffee or made into custards

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of the cause, that is, the expedition of the passage of the stone.

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alysis of the circular fibres of the iris, and of the muscles of

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tion if the sac in their interior remains sufficiently open and com-

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malaria-producing swamp, — this is the state of many tracts in

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important subject. In cases where local bloodletting is indicated,

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tank and intermittent filter combination installed by Mr. F. A.

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liight A'i(/ney.— Section showing the cavities in which tubercular matter

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pounded ice to the upper part of the spine, continued persistently

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and on the accession of diarrhoea, Dover's powder was added, but no

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symptoms which sometimes occurs, but most frequently in the

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The patient should be strictly confined to bed for a week or two,

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The author agrees with Naunyn in recommending from the above list

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of emergency it is best injected into a vein. The technique is as follows :

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virulent plague baciUi is shown by the fact that pus from a bubo

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ters of the udder vary as a unit or independently. Doane (1905) (p. 212) gives the

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when to take clomid