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$20,000 for the extension of this work during the fiscal year 1907 in-
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diately telegraphed for the pathologist of the Bureau to make an
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the musculature of the valve have been made. In Tandler^s * recent
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be carried upon the shelter decks for cattle when said decks are permanently built and
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the abdomen was distended and she vomited large quantities of a brown
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tinued. Some unusual host relations of the Texas fever tick
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Washington, D. C. If the meat or meat-food product which is shipped under this reg-
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125. Birch-Hirschfelj): BerL klin. Wchnschr., 188, 1880, p. 377.
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brain and spinal cord and effusion into these organs and their mem-
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cells of a given tissue may vary between wide limits. Pathologically,
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102.5" F. His face imderwent frequent choreiform-like contrac-
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caring for horses becoming sick in transit. When placed in the same compartment with
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lung fields. Occasional scattered moist rales were heard
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ing its condition, and only meat which according to the German
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Two Cases of Protozoan (Coccidioidal) Infection of the Skin and other
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of amino ai-ids or i.f men are often <iinieiilt to demonstrate in the hlo-.l
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test animals, and in cultural characteristics they followed the require-
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(From the Hunterian Laboratory 0/ Experimental Pathology,
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iuj,.,-!,.,! r,ii parli.-lis i,,riii.-,| ,-iiil...li in i In- -iiiallrr .-apillari.'s. A.jain-I
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sneh as that jirodui'ed hy phosphorus poisoniriR, there may indeed !"•
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this complication is the maintenance of the distrac-
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medianus causes rotation on the longitudinal axis of the hody, with pleuro-
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('iinlii>rihal ili><i'iis.>, liliii..llliiw in, ;;"<l
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well illnstrated in the internal secn'tions nl' the anterior lolie of the
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the object of a sustained and unjust program of criticism at
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eliminates all subjective interpretations. The test
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to 0.165 pound of fat, while the maintenance value of 1,016 calories
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much as possible, for it will be evident that, in the intact nervous sys-
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In their Inspection, handling and roping, or In loading them on the cars again for trans-
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Translated by J. Wm. J. A. M. Maloney, Monograph, Nervous
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nodules projecting from the black surface of the choroid. Taking the
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March 16, 1948, 9:00 a. m. — Gold Room, Jefferson Hotel
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definitely slower. Of twenty-three instances of dif-
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are too slight to cause condemnation for offal and yet are of such a character that one
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Conformation of farm horse, points to be sought 252
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