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Threat of Endocarditis shown by grave prolonged and " murmwrish " 1st sound.

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your medicines, which have cured me in less than six weeks. You are at liberty to

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The Apparatus of Accommodation. — Let me, in the first place, en-

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customs until, after return home, they found positive signs of its being

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On this conviction I have acted. The first part of the original

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with si.xty grains of chloral dissolved in it. In fifty minutes, she was

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physiological results, it did not procure a wink of sleep. The hydrate

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on thermometry in children. It would be interesting to know the

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ficiency in the subjects required for the preliminary examinations, ^30

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border. At that point was a splinter of bone, which was removed

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and brought together with two silk ligatures. The wound was cleansed

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William Clark, M.D., Wellingborough. Coinniitlec of JManagemeyit:

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its centre point, and through which I distinctly made out fluctuation.

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As regards acute rheumatism, the treatment usually adopted at the

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humble to everyone.' That thou art. It is said again :

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He likewise, however, gives us the prosaic, matter-of-fact side of the

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almost the highest place in the weekly lists, in consequence of a severe

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proposed measures. And when our task of medical reform, as far as

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spelman college bookstore hours

Prof. Walley's case, Journ. Contp. Path, and Therap., 1894, p. 65.

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say, which may settle the question, — for when the trocar or needle

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growths develop and are covered with thick crusts. These hardened

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nately — rendered this impossible. Meanwhile Professor Cadiot, one of

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sarca ; and who also suflfered from severe and sudden attacks of dyspnoea

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epidemic, hitherto unknown, which had struck terror

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The asterisks indicate animals which were intra-venously injected; the

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have been deemed requisite by the Council, may be taught

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Let us now consider the treatment of necrosis of the plantar

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;f37o in 1S6S; and ^^364:9 in 1S69, has been excessive.

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Reade, Belfast; Dr. Skinner, Liverpool; Mr. R. B. Robinson, Dulverton; Mr.

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Though usually very affectionate this dog had, during the preceding

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tumour, the posterior portion of which extended as far as the entrance to

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cocci and staphylococci produce the metastatic abscesses of pyaemia,

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the pastern, inserted a gauze drain, and dressed the parts with tincture

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A System of Botanical Analysis applied to the Diagnosis of British Natural Orders,

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temperature still varied between 39-0° and 39-6° C. Cough persisted,

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difficulty in keeping it perpendicular. No fracture of