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education in our princifial medical schools is higher, and
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this is the only one which promises any effective re-
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fifteen recovered, and sixty-six died {An Inquiry into
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the side position, and the operation may be completed
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The next of the present series of the above meetings
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of treatment. Now I well know, from experience, that
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conceived and carried out the idea of concentrating dif-
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tion, or of hEcmorrhage. Peritoneal or pelvic inflam-
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admission of women to universities, or to an.y examina-
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lege examination, and to receive certain certificates
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Trousseau, M., phlegmasia alba, 222 ; iodine as a test for
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rently almost established ; Death; Autojjsy. Harold B.,
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irregular at the surface. The right arm can be extended
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been dismissed from the service without any trial or
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members for Oldham, afterwards had an interview with
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the one eye made matters worse. 1 then tried the effect
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capsules.' The body is examined, and no other organs
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posed to the constant risk of spontaneous rupture and
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present state of knowledge regarding " effusions of
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(n) Archives Generales de Jledecine, t. i, p. 82. 1860.
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right superior bicuspid was much decayed, elongated from
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of the bladder itself, leading rapidly to inflammation
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spontaneously, typhus rarely, and typhoid continually so,
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tice, medical men are frequently called upon to make
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gratuitous vaccination. The total expense imposed on
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Illegal practice, attempts to suppress, 245; prosecutions
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be informed that it has no claim on these gentlemen,
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sions (an accident which rarely occurs even after the
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toil and devotion. In 1841, after twenty-four years ser-
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November 2Cth. Systolic bruit over the aorta was still
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so flexible and yielding as to admit of approximation
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'■ Dear Mr. Burton, — I have examined the foetus care-
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M.D., r.R.S.; A. Bryson, M.D., F.R.S., R.N. ; E. Chad-
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symptoms were materially relieved, or until the consti-
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bution — that it was not patchy or partial, but uni-