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of operation or left to break down and come away subse-
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became inflamed, and she looked exceedingly prostrate and
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ated at the service, but h* was not compelled to return the
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found its way on to the forehead, neck, or ears, the parts should
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MUEPHY, G. Wyndham, A.B., M.B., M.Ch.T.CD., L.M.R.C.P.L, ap-
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dence, Trent Valley Road, Lichfield, on January .5th, 1,^92, and in July
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was made to a recent paper by Drs. Penrose and Lee Dickin-
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Case x.— Nurspmaid, sged 17, ill for three months; appetite good;
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were not obliged to pass the sewer, and that in fact
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DiMSET. Surgeon, to the DitI.e of ]l\!lui', nn, April iith ; William B. Dkew,
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doubtless of the wide diffusion of antiseptic and aseptic prin-
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person of a tramp who had walked from Glasgow, and had on the way
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the one hand, therefore, extraction is less likely to be com-
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then with a sudden snapping movement covered (Fig. 4) by a
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ing the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, and of Dr.
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their method with the greatest interest, because I should be
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tissue with a good deal of fibrous ; two small calcareous
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the treatment. The so-called ur»mic symptoms were in
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leads to the importance of making trials of the action of pieces oj raw
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tumour there may be none, or it is so disguised by muscular
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"'This cure was discovered at night by the hand of a
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and all the cases, or luO i)er eeut., were severe. Of the
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Masier, Calcutta, privilege leave for three months, from March 23rd;
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digestion. We learn from a Sheffield paper that at a recent
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on that ace )unt, although absorbed into the blood, be absent
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cinated, and would not be, notwithstanding the wishes of her
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to visit the small-pox hospitals, he should make application to Dr.
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to be found, or to help an invalid to lay out his route in ac-
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In collating the returns, all towns with populations of over
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Russell Street, W.C., 8 p.m. -Dr. Herman: Painful Mictu-
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three different situations within the abdomen. It may lie
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unqualified practitioners obtaining a book of forms, and using
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sons but properly qualified chemists. It is also recommended
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pointed to inquire "whether any alterations should be made in the
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know ' what reasonable answer was to be given to objectors
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Surgeon and Lecturer on Physiology at St. George's Hospital,
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ponden ; Dr. J. A. Harrison, Hasliugdon. (I) Dr. W. W. Ireland, Pres-
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of examiners from Ireland would involve additional travel-
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pyrexial influence could be excluded were in realily very