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renders all subject to its attack. There is no doubt that influenza is

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usually accompanied by an audible " grunt," indicating great oppression,

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the Eastern oysters sell for about the same price per dozen.

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air-borne. Even this view, however, fails to explain satisfactorily the

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workers at these meetings, especially at the Pathological So-

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that derived from other sources, and this explains the slow progress and

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adelphia, in i860, the favorite anodyne was an enema of fifty

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frequently in the lungs, a circulating embolus first finding lodgement in

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here draw a valuable lesson of caution. This has been the author's

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Modes of Conveyance. — Naturally, a specific germ that is propagated

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tury, and gave to the profession a monumental work in his

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sants ; Avhile, if it be true, as before stated, that pneumonia usually kills

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of the tissues, and whilst the fat remains it probably exhausts

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as to the two words as they are used, sanatorium and sanita-

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maintained. Throughout the whole course of the disease out-door life,

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vous system and thence reflected to the organs, upon whose functionat-

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hyperasmia of the skin and consequent removal of peripheral resistance

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^The well-tolerated substitute for the salicylates.

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In the spring of 1885 a most instructive, though deplorable, epi-

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My observation agrees with that of Strumpell, that the disturb-

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Symptoms of motor irritation are among the prominent phenomena of

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vessels, and diminishes peristaltic action, if prolonged.

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of tubercle was : A solid extravasated matter, which, in cer-

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This is the " kalte Abreibung" of the Germans, who apply it usually

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observation more, quickly relegated them to their true position as

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with milk, one-half pint after each bath. During the time of relative

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is the accident most to be dreaded. It does not bear a fixed relation to

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culosis of the esophagus is extremely rare. Osier, however, saw a case in

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the practical application of hydrotherapy in acute and chronic diseases,

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my case this was not so, for my paternal grandfather and

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found. When pneumonia arises in the course of emphysema a physical

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recommends and uses it. A recent invention, the phonendo-

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proper teaching they know no better. As preventive medi-

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vessels of the pia mater, represent the fundamental conditions for

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and one-half hours brought it to 37.8°. Out of the bath for an hour it