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Children in the New York Polyclin'c ; Attending Phy ician to the Babies' Hospital
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cases where both nares were obstructed with polyi and no ear
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iologist has shown that its production is one of the functions of the liver.
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reflection of light and heat, depend the amount of rainfall, the dampness
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me of this patient as she apjjeared with the whole body
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chorea appeared in the course of pernicious anaemia, and in which recent
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and the scissors. The anterior surface is in close relation to the
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The University of Colorado is perhaps the last one to consolidate its
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ment factor is a number which when multiplied by a total pro-
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the blood-pressure. In many cases of severe haemorrhage the
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the cystic duct. Recently I introduced a blunt sound
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the jugular ; and the same method of treatment must be adopted. When
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vital characters. In neither this nor the former case, was the general
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per cent. ; while twenty-three, or 62 per cent., proved fatal, arising in the
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quite clear, however, that these are not varieties of the same disease, but
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Neuralgia of the spermatic cord cured by Moxa - - 304
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modern medicine a rose cannot smell as sweet by any
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which patients will it develop? What are the radiation doses?
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1921. Kern, Richard A., A.B., M.D., Assistant Physician, Uni-
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At times the nail looks worm-eaten, on account of the falling out of the
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was shot about 4 p.m. One bullet struck him in the upper
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tionof sight in hemiopia is very different from ' Supposing, however, the intra-cranial disease
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and besides, the rest to the eyes and brain during his stay in the
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and returned to the signee to act as his registration
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cating liquors, exhaled less carbonic acid than when not sub-
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very slight. In another case in which there was a cyst of the left
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is commonly called the partridge berry, and not the spicy winter-
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of antigen, incomplete with 0.005 cubic centimeter, and absent with
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atrophy of that side of the tongue. The uvula hangs
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riiage, revealing itself by the appearance of petechite, or by epistaxis or
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make-up developed a fear every time he had to deliver a sermon.
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particularly the electrochemical methods of destructive steriliza-
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effete, senile epithelial cells. This process is very different in the flea's
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of lemons employed in malarial affections gives results
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There is no history of tuberculosis in the family on either side with the
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follows, the lymphatics and submaxillary glands become involved, and abscesses
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as I have happened to find reports, in both, of compara-
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total number of cases treated with antitoxin, of the number and per-
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be necessary ; but, owing to the inflamed condition
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his new diet of fat and nitrogenous food is to be any
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subject a discharge from the nose is by no means always present in