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neuritis,^^ have remained stationary for many months, giving

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delicacy of manipidation which distinguishes our author it may

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Laxative fruits — ^prunes, figs, fresh apples, peaches, and

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or watery eyes, from obstruction of the tear duct which

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writers to paralysis dependant on a functional condition of the

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greater vital energy, manifest, in the highest degree, that pliability of func-

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noxious gases, whilst under the influence of mercury, caused by exposure to

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was here that the disease originally commenced; the effusion into the pleura

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the right eye^ and Mr. Vernon considers that a small portion of

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is a small hemorrhagic spot in the skin where he has

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breadth from 15 to 40 miles, being nearly on a level with the waters of the

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this morning, evacuations natural. Examination per vaginam. — The vagina is

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son to believe that the aggfregation of mankind in towns is not inevitably dis-

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clean but tremulous tongue; occasionally slight difficulty of deglutition; rigidity

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fessor Bonders upon the various points that his practice has

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little self-denial, or devotion to science, it demands so little accuracy of obser-

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a simple catarrh, is the exaltation of sensibility in the laryngeal

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Abdomen. — The small intestines from the jejunum to the ileo-caecal

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as well as Russian — appear to have been the seat of the choleraic infection before

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The only remains of the true parenchyma of the kidneys consisted of a

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advisers had disagreed, and many remedies had been uselessly employed. He

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times later. Defective heredity is a factor. In certain

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adhesions from former inflammatory troubles, and in rare

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Breschet ; for while the first of these concerned the capillaries, and

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following interesting case which I witnessed : — The patient, a young lady, had been

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has, therefore, had occasion carefully to test the truth of the above

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Lack of ventilation, a fault that hinges upon the ques-

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or four months, the symptoms upon each recurrence remaining longer, and be-

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attain increased in size. It was once more opened by the same person, who on

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Leopold L — , «t. 11, was admitted July 18th, 1864 ; he had been

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interest, and are exciting so much attention, that we transfer to our pages from

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a pregnant woman which he had heard of. I have before alluded to Dr. Leviok's

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while the absence of special action of the drug was due either to

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spoken to loudly, he will take his drink; sordes has increased about the

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febrile action. A change of volume in the tongue, which quickly attains an

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is good enough for all. When a child enjoys "exposure"


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Hysteria. — Men, women, and children suffer from hys-

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hearing the loud snap at the closing of the aortic valves

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were the heart's valves found after death to have been affected.