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Between the attacks, our object is to hurry the flow of bile, in order

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of which the tubular character is seen, if they are unfolded under water,

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the fluids become over-saturated with this compound, a crystalline deposi-

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ever, there may be small intestine between it and the abdominal wall,

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times the node becomes indurated, and eburnated bony tissue develops,

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logic requirement is the architect, but anatomy is the master builder,

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all other forms of alcoholism, it is a necessary part of the treatment that

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Indeed, the onset of ascites usually means that the end is near,-

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Food, the bad qualities of, a caufe of many epidemic difeafes,

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recover the tone of the bruifed veflels. The incifion

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of appetite, by more tendency to vomit, and by a sensation of discomfort

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digestive system; 1179 — P62 per cent, of the total cases, and 11*3 per

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* See Hiftoire gcnerale de Voyages. Tom. III. p. 2C)~.

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urine is pale — urobilin absent ; the van den Bergh test is negative —

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even when the patient has been presumably kept in bed from the first,

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other hand, exceptional cases have been recorded, in which the attacks

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pores, difpels the humours, enlivens and ftrengthens

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present it is sufficient to state that boiling for an instant even renders the

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down of any remaining tuberculous organisms by gravity into the line

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failure of the wheat crop. This was the case at Allahabad, as reported

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vanced to explain the causation of the muscular pain, such as active

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some two thousand persons, including students, staff and the general

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strongly to be condemned in nervous dyspepsia, inasmuch as washing out

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Moxon thought resembled the paroxysms of tetany observed in this

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the lung, gradually invading the alveoli The indurations are formed by

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during which they fhould have no other exerci fc, and

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radiates through to the back and often to any part of the abdomen ; and

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and amount of exercise may be determined by the effect on the patient's

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had formed in different pans, efpecially on the coafts.

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Treatment. — In the early stage, when the patient is seen with a

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The diagnosis of mania a potu rests upon the history of recent

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