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C C. Cancer alveoli illed tvith large nucleated cells of varims forms.
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celled variety. The veins over the tumor are enlarged and tortuous.
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cess-pools. It is an established fact that water remains contaminated,
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whether it occurs in an artery or vein, or whether it is in a terminal
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urinarius externus. The meatus becomes swollen, congested, and a
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inches above the anterior superior spine, to one-half inch below the
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ing is usually much changed and Tveakcned. The laryngoscope shows
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only occasional casts, are sufficient to distinguish this from the other forms
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Microscopically, they are composed of a structureless mass, more or
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ulcerative phalangitis, especially when it extends to the nasal passages, ac-
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the base of the skull is compound. It may take place through the nose,
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greater the extent of lung involved the more unfavorable the prognosis.
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muscles, while others may be completely paralyzed. Some of the deep
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of temjoerature which is at times associated with these conditions gives
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from the passing of a hard catheter. Often the irritability of the pros-
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After several months a new cast is applied and the limb put in about
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gastrium, which maybe due to reflux into the enlarged hepatic veins, or to
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In cancer of the liver there is a history of a gradually developing ca-
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of the body. Its pathology is that of simple inflammation. It termi-
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although a long period may elapse between their commencement and the
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and the patient develops acute tuberculosis. As before mentioned, the
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istence of these growths will rarely be overlooked; when seen it will hardly
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collections of pus are about the second and last dorsal and the lumbar ver-
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4. Certain portions of bone may become detached from the sur-
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into the larynx*, the ductus communis (causing abscess of the liver), or when
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eff\ision. Spasmodic dyspnoea often accompanies it ; but it is marked by
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of long duration maj lead to it. In all tliese causes the rationale is the
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shown on the sph3'gmograi)li by a prolongation of the elevation of the
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yellow fever -.—first, that it is contagious, like small-pox and scarlatina ;
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istration of stimulants. The pulse is the indicator of the heart's con-
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the urine will always contain casts, either large hyaline or fine granular, or
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is the sudden arrest of the digestive functions, especially after eating too
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patches of exudations. This is the "mechanical softening" of French
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bluish or gray color. If the process is old, the lung will be tough ; if
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the taking of fluids is usually followed by a sense of weight in the
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