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diet, a comfortable home, and rest. Very well. But we do not tell
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any cystic or solid neoplasm in the gland, and when this has been done,
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Arsenic internally administered throughout the sickly
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glands, and his tonsils also became inflamed. His wife then
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Haimes, Alison Bender. Clinical Assistant Professor of
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eunuchoidism, eunuchism/ post-puberal cryptorchidism.
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worthy of wider consideration, in which sense it is now
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Presently we see a little stream of people wending their way
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thus exposed, a powerful surgical c>ngine was brought
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Examination, on admission in the month of June, showed that the
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a thick pad of cotton-wool is of great value in arresting the effusion ; and
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is emphasized, as well as the study and application of a wide variety of specialized neurological
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duty to communicate to others. He wrote because he had discovered a
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the muscles, tendons, &c., are undoubtedly ruptured
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flowed from the nipples three or four davs in every month, at
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I made visits to several parts of the watershed to ascer-
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right apex. Chest film, 3-23-34, showed small area of
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as good or even better than these three, we can limit our consideration
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deposited upon their surfaces, and enlarge them by incrustation.
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hope to show the child again at the end of the year,
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peutic dose of nitroglycerin to last longer than one hour. A great
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forced into the intestine undigested, therefore, the better
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way of further checking up the results, since the mathematically
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quotes Richardson as having experienced scarlet fever
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fore, inadvisable in obstructive laryngeal dyspnea. The early recog-
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the anterior part of the cartilage be torn) or, ouch less often, to flex it [if the
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Examination revealed a poorly nourished man of average height. The pig-
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A General Antidote for Poisons. — According to the
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accessory, and the writer does not bring forward abso-
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ly well proportioned to the relatively compact bodies of these
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is repulsive to the patient. It has been used and prescribed
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haemodynamometer, the Valsalva experiment does not diminish
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arch, these fragments are usually found either external to the
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drachms, calamus aromaticus, 4 scruples, myrrh, cinna-
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quietly in his stall. His temperature at this time was normal ;