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Morbid Anatomy, to which he was appointed in 1861, and
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teetotal textbook, nor is it intended expressly for the physi-
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pp. 883 ; 105 figures.)- Dr. Kaiser is to be congratulated on
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gether or working apart, but not to be confounded, except
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blood, and I could also see, lying at a short distance from:
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Mr. Trevail, the cliairman of tlie County Sanitary Committee,
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dominal pain and distension, diarrhcpa, tenesmus, with mucus
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scheme of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and the |
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In September a small-pox patient escaped from the Kendray Hospital,;
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dispensary it seems was fonnded more than sixty years ago, and was at
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ing that it was premature to decide on the expenditure of so large a sum
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from acne. This can only be done (a) by the position, for
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ceiema treated with injection of thyroid extract and feeding
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H.— In the case of Trinity College, Dublin, (. the King and Queen's
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fortune which he shared with an older sister. His descrip-
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life, as is the case presumably with nitrous oxide, but actively
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hair could be cut short with a clipping machine or a metal
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vessels from it to all parts which the physician Nehsext, priest and
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greatly enlarged vermiform appendix, with more or less
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Local Government Act of 1888, an efKcient system of local
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tion if need should arise The arrangements actually in operation at the
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efficiency as possible. It is not handed over pro rata to local
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Case v. Jnwtiicha Larrie Abscess iiccuined the Appendu:-A messenger
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Austin, M.,Limerick,W. Gorst, Right Hon. Sir Northcote, Hon.SirH.8.
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inches, weight not less than 3 pennyweight^, folded to suit the size of the
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the Staflord Road Scliool. After this date the disease became
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RouviER (Jules). Le Lait, Alterations, Falsifications, etc. 1893.
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the practitioners in the poorer town districts and in the rural
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sions as to the duration of the lochia. Fever unconnected
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Surgeon Lieutenaut G. Bidie is brought on the strength of the Madras
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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. — Among the members
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Act is the subjection of the individual to the sanitary autho-
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to those whom subsequent investigation shows to be un-
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This subject was evidently one of the difficulties of the
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G MacL. Blair, W. A. Burns, J. L. Simpson, M. L. Taylor.
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time there are lepers both in the north and south of France.
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Singapore, proceeds to Mal^i^cca as Acting Colonial Surgeon.
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Richaids, St Mary's Hospital; A. Riley, Westminster Hospital; C.
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series had occurred in adults, had run a more or less pro-
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Inquests.— The number of iuqiiests and magisterial inquiries held in
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name, "antj can only express my regret at having been the cause of such
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Egyptian buteru (or as it is called " BuWs butern"), for so I
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The subject of Mr. Mayo Robson's candidature was then
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murdered, and the symptoms arising at the time were very
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natural causes," the coroner remarking that he supposed the woman died
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from the heroic childhood of our race, when good and evil