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pression to the chest wall of the newly born baby, showing

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ers have suggested that intraoperative disappearance

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Organum. Those who preceded him had been working on the

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The medical equipment includes a thoroughly modern lab-

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ship of epithelioma to urethral caruncle or other inflammatory urethral

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out. Brown-Sequard may be called the father of scien-

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stance that is missing from polished rice, has been tried in

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ion should not only see forms but distinguish colors.

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your especial attention to this Farm-life School, and I want to say to

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ever, Jamanioto has described a silver nitrate method by which

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0-00001 to 000002 mg. of T.K. The first dose is, of course, rather

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horses, cows). The semen was either employed in its natural

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with a large, fluctuating mass. Selecting a point as far back

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in the body. He based his theory upon tlie frequency with which he found in

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important subject, for another theme is pressing for con-

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In conclusion I may, perhaps, be allowed to draw attention to a case,"

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tions on this alone. In one instance, cited by him, the

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affect the heart;) Cough, separately considered hereafter, and also under

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larly when associated with a rise of temperature, incision of the

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of a clique of visitors to browbeat the Council and interrupt

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febrile cases. Many of the cases are terminal infections. No focus of

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and firm to the touch, giving the sensation of marsh-mallow paste. Chemical

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science, that this bacillus bears an etiological relation to

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Dose: Of a solution of six globules to two tablespoonfuls of wat«r,

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use and design of the Medical Society of Connecticut was to dif-

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seized with the disorder, three on the 13th, and three on

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Antimonii et Potassii Tartras. Tartar Emetic. (See Emetics.)

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11. No patient should be discharged as cured until it

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the profession are at stake, and that to send out students who have ♦►nly liad a course of fifty

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Society, especially from the medico-legal aspect. Three weeks ago a

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The increased breathing, the increased percentage of hemoglobin,

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applications used, leaving considerable permanent im-

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over the tonsils and adjacent faucial surnice ; eruption dusky ; skin cool ;

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A Manual of Otology. By Gorham Bacon, A. B., M. D., Professor of