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may proceed from excesses in quantity, or from particular kinds of food,

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Asa rule, the disease has no tendency to induce either pleuritis or pneu-

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ous effect of pyrogallic acid is to be attributed to the

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what toxical anthelmintics are best suited to destro}^ this parasite. Ben-

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intestine. Assuming that the local symptoms are sufficient to denote in-

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The situation, in the great majority of cases, is the posterior surface of

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as eells, alveoli, crypts, pockets, lacuna, glands, villi, papillae,

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globules collect into a milky or puriform laj^er at the upper part of the

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usual concomitants of symptomatic fever, viz., thirst, anorexia, pain in

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our patient from the time he was bled: whether the final stupor

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publishers. Illustrated descriptive catalogue and sample pages free. Agents wanted. Address

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eased parts, and to the cough and spasm which they are liable to excite.

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of extrnvasation ma}' be distinguished as circumscribed and ditfused. The

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The blood is a complex fluid. It contains a large number of ingredients,

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portal blood. It is destroyed during the passage of the blood through

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The " Merrell Co. " do not "rub up " Commercial Salicylic Acid with a little Oil Wintergreen and call it

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attacked with smallpox; and having, in the course of treatment

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to be essentially cestoid or tapeworms, which, from their situation within

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elements which, at the same time, are multiplied to a greater or less extent.