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there were other findings which indicated a grave complication » because
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the diminished cutaneous and muscular sensibility. We must, indeed,
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This is the second case of the kind that I have encountered.
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This is all very fine, but it won't do — Anotomy-
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lique interne. Pressemed., Par., 1899, i, 187. — Bigal (A.)
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in pathology. The mode of viewing the circulation, hasalways been
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active delirium at night. 25th. Frequent vomiting ; is deaf, drowsy,
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of anger. Straining at stool, violent muscular exercise, sexual intercourse,
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the juncture of the right vocal cord and vocal process. He had some
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pains," and putting anatomy on a sure foundation, he gave to the
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a burning sensation; it is said to enter the mouth of children.
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a longer spark gap if the negative terminal be exposed to
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the method sera can be deprived of antibodies immediately injurious
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can be obtained by placing the patient on a table sufficiently long so
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bands of fibres formed the obstacle to reduction; he therefore carefully
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to the rabbit, as demonstrated by injection into the
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temperature bears the same relation to the barometer,
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meet in a nascent state, as we shall see occurs when some of
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and kept on ice for periods up to 48 hours. In one instance, that of the material
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or methodical-looking arrangement, being packed in the crevices
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right side, hard and exquisitely tender. Tongue coated
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if fortunately removed by this means, of preventing its recurrence.
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to rent an office in that building, so he took two rooms over a livery
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him ; during the last year these symptom's had gradually
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at once the class to whom cold is most fatal. Of young people
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'•"',•■;;"'■'■"'''"'--'- ..Ii..!--..,...,:, M ,„,„|,„„,
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•does not discharge, but fluctuates on sudden pressure, an incision may be
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close relation with the outer and posterior aspect of the
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of acute rheumatism (see p. 385) ; it is probable that similar local changes