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November 24, 1607; and Susan Foster, his wife, was de-

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a profound knowledge of the scriptures, and who is much interested

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adherent or movable in antero-posterior fire, and anterior

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years, the trustees presented him with a testimonial which states that

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the mucous membrane is pushed out like a hernia ; and it

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M.A. (1624) Wadham College, Oxford; commissioned by

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other, drew closely about them. As a recent writer has well

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Resigning the position of demonstrator of anatomy at

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Manus, the oldest practitioner and pioneer of homoeopathy in this State : therefore

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must necessarily modify any conclusions. Thus far no definite

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cines cause morbid conditions ; medicines cure morbid condi-

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tastes, then shall we have no occasion to know any gross work.

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Boston, where his brother had died of the same illness. His

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with him of evolution and special adaptation, which is the only true

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which have been read before numerous societies. Many

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from this department of medicine. He was born in Dane

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ances, both ataxic and adynamic, that in severe cases lead

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retary to the dean of the college since 1913. He has found oppor-

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here, in his sixteenth year, that Dr. Shaffer began his battle of life.

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the Dissection of the Human Body, ' ' published in 1893, and ' ' Manual

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water is the best and most satisfactory drink. Meigs and Pep-

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ter. There is an out-patient department which is served by the

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and eloquent presentation of "The Freedman's Case in Equity."

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In 1838, Dr. Blakey, living about ten miles distant in

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View Reservoir, which is part of the New York Water Supply Sys-

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years judge of Yadkin County, N, C.),and Nancy Caroline

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met Dr. Marion Sims in 1868, has been taken directly from

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special subjects for the year's work, were announced. From the

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cross the Atlantic, was published shortly after the first ocean-