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Dip the swab in the alcohol, light it, hold it for a moment inside the

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diseases in three different ways. In the first place, they may suffer from

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Synvptoms. Pain on pressure of the parts affected, fol-

imipramine 50-49-7

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This headache is nearly always paroxysmal in character. Although

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In both patients there was an immediate increase in the number of

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whole way from trenches to boats by a squad of four E.A.M.C.

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imipramine (tofranil) and desipramine (norpramin) are examples of

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No other work in the English language attempts the elucidation of the sub-

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destroy the infecting agent on exposure. The smallpox virus is

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Grimmett, Matthew H.; Assistant Resident in Radiology

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are only a few points which we shall have space to notice. It

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and notwithstanding the peculiar inhibiting influence of the splanchnic nerves it

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retraction of the soft parts under the costal arch when he breathes,

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by too zealous application in the pursuit of science, and from exei-tions in the

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the actual contraction, and the feeling of the uterus when con-

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sation from the wrist to the axilla. Upon auscultation a loud,

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Diagnosis of surgical diseases of the kidney and ureter. Tr. Conn.

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We are therefore not to regard a case of inversion as irreducible,

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flammation from the seat of the injury to the optic

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gangrenous area should be removed, the opening closed by