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^lacphail crowd in Toronto. I do not believe Sir Andrew has a

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back with the left hand, while with the right he dashes water from a

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gle for existence, the competitions, the worries, and the anxieties of

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tongue dry and brown. Vomiting is now a frequent occurrence ; diar-

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Ktiology. — (1) Soil. — It is a generally accepted fact that a certain

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(c) The Circulatory System. — The pulse is soft and much accelerated

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and restore to its molluscan and crustacean long-swinging, tireless

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experience of idiocy, do I recall but two ; of these, one, after

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visited the celebrated Schloss Johannisberger, less than fifty

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months of the year (February and jNIarch) than in other seasons.

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in towns and cities. It is equally important that no attendant

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milk the condensation is usually to about one-fourth of the

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on dairy cows should be tuberculous, and every effort should

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which all the symptoms and complicating lesions are grouped. In the

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Florence on the 21st of November, 1892, stating that they entirely

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man, at least, to exist. The best form of bread is the bread

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while the right hand gathers the right border into folds. The sheet

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the grand appearance they made on review and during their

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Netter, however, has found the streptococcus, and Lang a peculiar

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edly of neurotic origin, and may be mistaken for pulmonary

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Strumpell, "Text-Book of Medicine," translator's note, says (page

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dent by comparing in the ordinary morning toilet what would be the

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dogs are frequently bitten by mad dogs and cats, and yet do

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as a remedy by his work, " Tractatus de Omnibus Italise Balneis, " a

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In the absence of a support for the head the nurse will hold it up with

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sionaries of his good work. To-day physicians and nurses are sent to

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purpose well, and were a happy leaven in the seething caul-

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health. I suggested the following : For breakfast, she being

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gout, possibly the great pathological factor, for Garrod has

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tensity of the nervous symptoms, and to some extent by {d) the size of

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cially apt to be prevalent, and, according to Baumgarten, a relatively

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other organs would remove all doubt. These two affections may coexist.

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colored pure brandy is the best spirit. Next to this comes

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normal conditions in all the blood constituents has been amply demon-

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how often are such patients seen only once a week or less frequently,

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are most effective, and in many trying cases have served me well.

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According to the investigations of Winternitz and other observers,

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thoi'oughly disheartened and discouraged, and broken in health,