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of the mass being formed by concentric whorls of pale

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course of two years had to submit to five thoracotomies for pyothorax.

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Art. XIV. On the Radical Cwe of Varicocele hy Subcutaneous Incision Read

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quantities of doubly refracting cholesterin crystals.

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The Association went into private executive session

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much or little according to the manner in which it is

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to joints. Uric acid disturbances do not prevail in such cases as

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patient on November th to Professor E. L. Keyes to consult as

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modifications by Jenner Giemsa and Leishman has added

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others which in their turn are getting a little passe the

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They may I think be considered under two heads The first

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yellow hue and were soft and flabby. Microscopical sections

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get the result will be of course greater but the danger

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it has jumped to its feet and if not fastened has made good

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other day his nose would bleed very often when he was troubled

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I can add very little to what Dr. Karl Meyer has said

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position and income. A guarantee as to weekly charges and

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early removal is indicated when they are of sufficient

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gravity and shows precipitates of urates and uric acid. The

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is incapable of diffusion in the atmosphere and that consequently it

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is admitted to be a difficult matter to determine the exact de

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For instance in November at the hospital three such

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blankets the pillows ought to be firm and high jso as to support

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gonococci. Besides this no definite promise of a cure is made

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corresponded to an annual rate of in a thousand of the aggregate

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cific ptomaines are found in the large intestine would in

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Further interest also lies in the small quantity of

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Felice and Cantani resort to it sometimes for its hydraulic effects.

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It is generally assumed that registration in Great Britain is

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to our discretion. It is also much more urgent now than formerly to

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serve to obliterate small errors of the individuals. The data for this

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vessels carrying blood towards the incision must be

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more inspectors it is held should be defrayed by the

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Mlssoinl Slate Boaid of Health. Kansas City April. Sec

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that are known to be associated with lesions in the thoracic spine.

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nodules will be hard and resisting if encephaloid they will be softer

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and also in recent years the tuberculosis death rate in old

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the transplants persisted in spite of infection and there was never diffi

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were useless. It was discoTered that the right nostril

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the above tables which are of very great importance.

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experiments with nearly all the different makes and materials and after