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of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh Regius Pro
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be cut with a microtome. In this way the relation be
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centres. Bayliss and I at first accepted this interpretation.
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Parorexia. Parorexia signifies a desire for unusual articles of fond
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ing rooms were included in this series. There were thus excluded
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An illustration of the specimen is. lt hown in Plate
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ceptum the two serous membranes are stitched together with
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reveal the slightest sign of trouble. Tho urine is clear
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deals with the diagnosis of hip disease and great stress is laid
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rienced by these three patients who were too young to ex
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ascribes the presystolic elevation of the ventricle in gallop rhythm to the
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of antitoxin required and the greater are the chances
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lobes and only rarely the summits of the lungs. Out of forty
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sound in every respect may suffer from true epilepsy. Second that
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latter is the murmur old or recent Allowing it to be recent is
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digestion. The rea.son therefore that the tuberculous react to much
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acquired any importance outside the practices of individual therapeutists.
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good results are not to be explained by any accusa
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of suppuration as the fever yielded promptly to quinine and
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There are numerous small colorless cells blood plaques. On
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result of solution generally in purulent matter and from the observations of
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walls mm. thick and with a glistening interior. There
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a very marked manner the great advantage to be derived from trie
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Florence of the French is not the bowel of the silkworm so B.
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Case. Caroline Baker aged University College Hospital. Snow
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shali take these in A classification that will comprise these
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flammation such as reflex pain etc. It is a valuable adjunct
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suspected dairies. With regard to the remainder of tliese exceptional
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of which had been occupied for ten years by consumptives
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duced and may exhibit all the symptoms of profound anaemia.
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Further if we accept the most recent explanations of the nature of the
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heads of which were projecting almost across the gangway
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mercury with ammonium sulphide as was done before inoculating the fourth
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taken for a foreign body. As its presence in the ante
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pilation to epitomise everything without individual
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Characters and tests P. L. Colourless transparent ex
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York relative to the Student Association of the State
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sanitary literature wiU. not have failed to obser e how the
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Under the microscope the turbidity was found to be due
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Next to these inoculation experiments stand the injections of organic
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recommended by other observers it is easily and rapidly sterilised and
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the region occupied by the clot is more vascular and
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ceived in a runaway accident three weeks before aged.
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own country I might well have been content with a brief reference to
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within a very short period Indiana may boast of an institution
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per year almost of all deaths. International tobacco
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out from time to time reminded perhaps of that lady
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bound. The choice lies open the paths are plain before
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become less branching and there may be gelatinoid exudates.