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In four or five cases I have examined very minutely the

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re is reason to believe that it promotes the development of the atfec-

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point in connection with these two histories is that three

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side, difficulty in swallowing, salivation, impaired vision, and retention of

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lieved. He has also by the electrical method made investi-

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the endless variations of clinical observation, of all those fortunate and

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containing the tetanus poison it assumes virulent characters.

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an example of the latent form that disease sometimes assumes, is in

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ings were continued, and absolute recumbence with the head elevated, and

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Note. — Former Fellows of the Connecticut State Society are permanent membere

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Drs. John Lamberg, Harvey Zimbler (liCl) and Lawrence Klein (Georgetown

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associated with it. In the former case, the dry, spasmodic, distressing

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dM,Tti.ul.i ill,- li-, p,„lil,,iit,- M,luti<,n dor- 11. ,t p,-n,-ir.ii,-, ,ind -ni.ill ,|U,m

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To be rubbed over the chest at bed-time, and applied

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in the case here reported. It thus resembles pyloric obstruc-

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^same body. The poison of small-pox or of scarlet fever being, for

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rium, Germany,"etc. With descriptions and illustra-

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M. Drysdale, of Philadelphia. In this monograph of thirty-two pages,

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especially when in large quantities. From various causes atony and

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of wine, or with spirits of wine and carbolic acid or perchloride of

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the advantage of this proceeding lies in this, that we avoid thereby the cutting

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been relieved, he came under my care for treatment of

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found the parasite in every case. In four hundred cases of fever he