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In order to shorten the time of making the radiographs and

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of mercury, even in solutions of i in 20,000, causes pains,

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tlie difference in death-rate was probably one of social condition, and that it

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development of the anthrax and leads to a rapid death. In

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the disease on the skin, nor to its period of development ; for it may

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The Practitioner's Handbook of Treatment ; Or, The Principles of Thera-

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years past to keep this venerable institution abreast with its more modern

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Later the serous cavities contain effusion and there is a tendency to hemorrhages.

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in those weeks wherein the temperature at four feet below the surface

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epinephrin (gtt. v of a 1 : 1000 solution, hypodermically, to be repeated as re-

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tions, and reads its own lesson. There can be no average treat-

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Mucous Membranes. — The membranes which line the internal

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tetany described in other classes. Jaccoud had two cases of severe

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tion of the parasiticide upon the affected surface, and in the second

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The most valuable contribution to the pathogenesis of splanchnoptosis

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Dr. Cohen's book is especially rich in statistical tables which scarcely admit

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The following named gentlemen are Agents for the Botanic Sentinel;

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Douglas^ says that this loosening of the membrane may act

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eluding: an Account of the Waters of Ballston. By Va-

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patient, but supposes he dnl. The medicines are charged separately.

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nervous diseases, and the Abderhalden tests are used by some in an attempt

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When well injected, they seem to be composed of capillaries, closely united by

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passed throu.eh the urethra. At the post-mortem examination the terminul por-

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pital this year. Pneumonia has the largest percentage of fibrin

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this point, we assert our right to maintain the other expression of

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begets impossible monsters. United with reason, she is the mother of all art, and the source of

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These efforts on the other hand may be vigorous, and though

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with a more or less considerable admixture of smooth muscle, which fibres

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touched. On the third day of illness, Greidenberg found a fluctuating