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Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, 1893-1914 ; Visiting Urologist, the Johns
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* Acting Gynecologist-in-Chief, September 1, 1916, to September, 1917.
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Increased Opportunities for Post Graduate Medical Work in Chicago
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Clara Mabel Thompson. Providence, R. I. 104 Jackson PI.
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of specimens from the surgical operating room. Tuesday,
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Assistant Resident Pathologist . . . William C. von Glahn.
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presence of many so-called amoeboid glia cells and split products of
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but the new work of the day superadded. The day after this will
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with organic and functional disturbances of the various viscera.
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rate, definite and reliable information in regard to
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elderly subjects of this series are on the whole sufficiently distinc-
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solely under empirical methods can understand this principle, and
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ous in the portions of the brain which show the maximum of gen-
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the morning or afternoon, and count as 3 or 2l/ 2 units re-
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Hopkins Hospital renders it proper to mention the facilities of the
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it is of vital importance to insist on the recognition
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thirty-six years a more or less accurate system of vital statistics
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therapeutics, but all along the line of work in other departments
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physician, that he was, he offered his truth in the spirit of science,
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medical assistance" in the case of an adopted daughter, who re-
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Laurence Benjamin Chenoweth. Baltimore. 725 N. Carey St.
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is exasperating ; it is uncomfortable ; it is dangerous ; it is deadly t
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in the early days of his illness or even before its onset, when the
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ceed $17,500 a year, has been guaranteed to the Trustees of the
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