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meeting, and that its members may unite with us at St. Louis.
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Surgical Diseases of the Abdomex, With Special Referexce
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dent House Officer, 1900-1901 ; Dispensary Surgeon, the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
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to the new formation of tubules. — The Journal of Medical Re-
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have marred the really great achievements of medicine, crippled its
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Adrenalin, 20 to 30 drops, is also a good stimulant.
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Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 1895-1905 ; Visiting Physician,
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Ina May Richter. Santa Barbara, Cal. 1113 N. Caroline St.
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This was of great interest, but 1 must defer it till
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.V well kept home. .'Vcldress, Dr. Brougiiton's Sanitarium,
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severe hypodermics of morphine or codeine can be given, but opi-
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no ill results were observed. The temperature was taken in each
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and J. H. Stokes. Further studies on the spinal fluid with
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the function of the round ligaments is that they limit
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finely spongy in others, and mottled with blood extravasation — is en-
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M. D., Creighton Medical College, 1909. Full Course.
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a question of a short time until light institutes will be established
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mencement on the second Tuesday of June, or on Commem-
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sors Sabin and Van der Stricht. The course in histology is
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yet the painstaking work which is being given the subject by such men as
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ascended to 90 and all day Thursday became more and more rapid^
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brave spirits of the immortal Medical Department of the Con-
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It affords the executive officers of the American Congress on
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diagnostic knowledge. I want him able to locate the cause of my
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a long reaction time because many of the less intelligent subjects
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termining factor in most cases, the infection being
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staff. Third trimester of the first year (March 15-June 1),
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Admission to Gitschner Street Hospital (Berlin) was not
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M. D., Medical College of South Carolina (Charleston), 1910. Pediatrics.
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munizing mechanism already paralyzed from excessive toxemia.
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and surgeons of Texas, was found dead in his office in Dallas Sun-
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For students of the third trimester of the Second Year.
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abdomen. The dressing to be immediately covered with absorbent
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is given from 10 to 11 a. m., two clays of the week, and in the
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with differential diagnosis under the supervision of the staff
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definitely fixed. Of course, a careful blood examination is of great
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As TO Dr. Knopf. — Dr. Knopf wrote me that I had been mis-
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tunity to assist in the dispensary during the summer months.
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lavage, withhold all manner of food after irrigation. The patient
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or not the latter be useful^ or, in any way, prove satisfactory.
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of gastric mucus and salivary secretion indicated a condition of