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a uterus that was removed per vaginam. The patient claimed to have been
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whole' breast at bottom. But it will take time to send
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purpose. And the patient, who has found an article,
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nure should be burned whenever possible. In each district there
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less easily seen here and'is less characteristic and marked than on
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stroyed, with involvement of bone and vital structures.
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All tliese patients were received in tropical climates
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The damage wrought in the heart by the preceding acute
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affection of the hip, and is seen by all the leading physicians in
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speak plainly, nor pronounce many letters. Sometimes it
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placenta clearly seemed the consequence, not the cause of the
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ter considered it essential to make the general dietary adequate;
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Streptococci may, however, also be present in this layer. The layer resting
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Micro-Organisms in the Human Urethra. — M. E. Petit and
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but near the period of first menstruation, the third in a boy
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with superior vena cava obstruction. Surg 75:325-329, 1975.
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State asylums, which has incurred the criticism of all
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tlie incision should be made in the direction of the fibres <n
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tion between lesions and symptoms, many investigators are of
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I The following research questions served to guide this de-
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given. Tlie patient was told to keep perfectly qniet, and was pat upon milk