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out preventive measures against the spread of cholera in this
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In some severe cases the mind is never affected. One boy aged
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and Comparative Anatomy in the University of Wiirzburg,
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are very commonly due to constitutional or hereditary tendencies.
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Pagei.. [The Alleged " Surgery of Joannes Mesui'-, Junior,"
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CITY OF BIRMINGHAM.-Resident Medical Superintendent for the City
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body only should be buried at a time is often broken,
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ing of this Branch will be held in the Town Hall, Chester, on Wednes-
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Dr. Heeon insisted on the importance of recognising the
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Cancer, which was started in France last year on the initi-
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cular movements may be likened to that of a railroad switch, because
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allowed the air to enter the pleural cavity until the lung was entirely
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The treatment adopted was electrolysis, which has comx)
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may also be a comparatively trivial trouble, caused by arteriosclerosis,
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it is clear that they can asmnie the lu'e of phagocytes. This
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were healthy men, but afterward they were fearful, emotional, and
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in the head and eyes. He was entirely unable to open his
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tents as soon as fresh food enters above. But, conversely, irritation
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bacillus tuberculosis : and, moreover, that nothing leads to
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This however is easier said than done. The local authorities
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in plate cultivations after the lapse of a day or so, while the
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the female urethra was dilated in eight instances, and the
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stones upon an attacking force. The battlements and flag
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tion in the colimms of Goll, closely resembling the conditions occurring
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vascular element is quality, that is, whether the pulse is hard or
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he had embodied his suggestions in a Bill dealing with the
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fully, and, moreover, it seems very unlikely that the book
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or discharge of mucus and blood characteristic of the infection when
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cough, 81 from diphtheria, 74 from scarlet fever, 20 from ** fever"
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a temperature of 105.6° F. on admission. The spleen could scarcely
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F.R.C.S.Ed.; W. C. Beatlet, M.D. Honorary Secretaries : W.
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carbohydrate is insufficient; 2. The supply of carboh\-clrate is
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sent and witnessed the whole proceeding, but the error was*
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ments on this ciuestion will probably urge on some solution, although
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