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The first is to be preferred when the uterine walls are

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adhesion or constriction of the bowel. Two cases re-

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It is evident, however, that failure of the circulation cannot

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Many doubt the possibility of curing this disease; we, however, believe

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one of hydrogen, although the compound is a po.verful and safe anaesthetic,

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the hands of the district attorney. The only latitude

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be dropped on the ulcer if preferred, instead of the cotton

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favorable to oxygenation or to destruction by organisms. It

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cise, not only in talking and writing about it, but also in its practical de-

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It is restful, — so much so that some wise man has said that "rest is but

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Eadius and ulna.—Z: 3 M. 1, both bones backwards ; 2, both bones back-

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Section of Medicine : Chairman, Professor A. Stille ; Secretary, Dr. J. Ew-

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ankle, where the external malleolus is grinding out a facet

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is the very Queen of the Lakes? But are we not willing

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tribution a I'etude du paludismechez les enfants. C.-r., no.

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ing from the bladder under these circumstances. The strength de-

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shortening and bending of the fingers, so that the hand

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time, and then reappear ; when not removed by coughing, it may

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The endoscope introduced through the wound of exit showed pus and blood; after re-

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femur, from 16.5 to 24 cm., average 20.7 cm.; the tibia, from 11.6 to 20 cm.,

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sema previously mentioned, there are refilling of the sac,

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border, and often plainly situated in the urine itself above the line of

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unstable and uncertain, that the young physiologist gives

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The Preparation of the Sponges, Silk, Instruments, Gauze, and Water, —

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Duhring has included under dermatitis herpetiformis.

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