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1. Resolved: That in view of the wide prevalence of typhus

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the Anatomical Museum and Cabinet of Materia Medica, are

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nature, but that there must be some organic disease at the

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contrast to it is the following case, which exhibits

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tainly agree, but do not think it necessary that the

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raised threshold according to tests with Benedict's copper solution,

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Highbury College, where he ' studied divinity ' about four years. On

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two and a half feet deep of soft bedding, let us consider, in a brief

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was noticed by the early appearance of total blindness. A similar case has

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Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs.

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with us are veritable household words, are, from various causes,

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administration of alteratives and tonics, such as are suscep-

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benefit of all usual antiseptic precautions, the surgeon should paint

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the poison if it be of an acid nature. The intestinal congestion and hemor-

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addition to its present property before December, 1887,

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observer says that the blood was found as fluid as port wine, the

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was deemed necessary ; but as it includes rheumatism

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into a State or municipal consumptive sanatorium. This commission

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pens that married men and others who are perhaps excessive in its

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a use of the microscope, when it might have been most advan-

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Kontgen study is of decided advantage in nearly all cases. Gall-

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experimental basis for this, but only hypothetical af-

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from &e adjacent marshy districts, or the fens of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.*

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persensitivity to this or other sulfonamide-derived drugs.

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tity of mud and aquatic plants. Young crushed dragonfly and Chir-

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that case, how often have I seen similar conditions lead to similar

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on; never being destroyed, but constantly changing its physical

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March 19th found upperdassmen (and others) pouring over

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with persistent local irritation, there are mild dropsical

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Examiner for September, Prof. W. H. Byford has an elaborate article, 34 pages

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terates the articles; if any such cases occur they must be

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cases, during the violent delirium the strain upon the heart

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fatty; mesenteric lymph glands enlarged and hemorrhagic.