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ever that may be. The most expert and experienced operator

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1976. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, April 1976.

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hot and painful to the touch, and are frequently surrounded by

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inflammation, which had begun and proceeded in its most

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a half of the denuded bone. The patella being eroded, was

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mouth should be rinsed frequently with a saturated solution of boric

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this, as she had always attended to her. As a girl, however, she had

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twenty grains of Calomel, for an adult, or five to ten grains for a child, or

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results the great value of silver sutures in the treatment

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or on being commanded to open them, they will do so at once.

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thing. He's doing real well. ..but it's hard." Jay placed a high

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in imminent danger. Different cases represent gradations between these

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only say that after they have been separated from this fluid, and after all

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the rice-water evacuations is precisely similar to that of the saline matters

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the to and fro sound was thought to be a little less distinct.

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tion of Physicians in Ireland," Vol. i, p. 113, great vascularity, .and an effusion of blood

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dividual may suffer irreparable injury at the hands of stupid and over-

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last state of that man is likely to be worse than the first. If there is one

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drophobia and syphilis. How often do we hear ringing

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tension, and more markedly so at the commencement than is ob-

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made a biopsy (examination of tissue from the living sub-

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direct poisonous action of the absorbed vapor upon the nervous centres and heart, and

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already done, to introduce into their own countries the use of this

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of bed afterwards a lump suddenly appeared. The woman states also that

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English profession particularly was practically carried away by

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President for the interesting address with which he had inaugurated

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originated the name diphtheria. This name, the significance of which relates

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Howard, who states that all practitioners in matters of plague, who

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