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septic effects of it in such cases have been marvelous. Preference
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just above its entrance into the bladder, but because of Lucas' chsemiia^
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his general conduct than he would do when this interview is chiefly
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sion, the radiation dose was 95 Gy, and the latency period
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are justified in assuming that it has an important action
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and alcohol, and a Soxhlet extraction apparatus. Instead of the coil
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poisoned by tiking oxalic acid instead of salts; 360 scalded to death by
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and a clot in the heart. The young man whom I attended with Siredey,
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3rd. Ataxic tophus : here the cerebral symptoms predoitiinate ; there
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have been so treated. Next he finds that catgut sutures,
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being obtained, but the patient's hands were watched, the idea of imposture
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tially similar to human milk in percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrate
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ment, which demanded treatment. In a third class of cases,
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consisting of managers, and visiting committee, and
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about three years ago, making its appearance first about the center of
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Receipts and disbursements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1903, were as
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In tracing the history of these affections of the mucous pas-
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provision of this process, enables the organism to free itself from
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temperature was lowered and death took place before
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tion, in which minute papules push up through the skin
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and the former infection is called biliary fever, the latter
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24 hours, during which he will always be accessible for cases of
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osteal affections ; and when any doubt exists, great care should be