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remained marked. The heart beat regularly ; the pulse was rather
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reaction followed, and the temperature rose only half a degree. I had
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ment. An elastic ligature was applied to the penis, the free portion of
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nearly six weeks, was brought for examination. Though usually very
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— The Report of the Medical Benevolent Fund will be read. — Any
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eyes were fixed, the nostrils dilated, the ears drawn together and rigid ;
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The case is a very remarkable one, whether we regard the boldness
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little in front of and an inch or so from the base of the ear,— occasion-
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the size of a pea, the other of a small nut. The pus from these
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fact in a case now and then, it will, perhaps, be allowed that the
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Hjaltelin on Iceland, also possess considerable merit. Dr. Brandt's
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papers for publication. The papere (and abstracts) read in the different
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appears to have a special predilection for the muscles, kidney, and
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was held low and still inchned to the left ; the fore-limbs were planted
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a small dose of opium was ordered, to procure sleep. During the night,
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in consequence of the resignation of Dr. Goolden. In addition to a
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not cease to influence it, until these ghosts are laid by measures which
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The PRtsiDEMT, on taking the chair, said that, as the object of the
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remove a foreign body. After a few days or a fortnight, when suppura-
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months be thanked for their valuable services on behalf of the interests
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more compatible with the production of the bleeding by the slightest
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he should go on a trial vo\age to sea, to the Brazils, w-hence he returned
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Mr. Edward Bellamy exhibited a Tumour removed by Mr. Canton
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supposed to be required, at unseasonable hours, is frequently discussed.
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they have signally failed when used before depletion, and such is also
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petechise. There was no swelling about the face. Walking was
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" '2. That the Committee is of opinion that the government of the
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prising five animals which had been simultaneously inoculated in the
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to be avoided ; plenty of fresh vegetables are to be
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worked in harmony with the authorities of the intendance militaire.
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Nevertheless the temperature may rise considerably, sometimes more
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On auscultating the heart the first sound was heard to be feeble and
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admitted. Why should it not occur in the vagina ? The kinometer