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unless I am mistaken, which M. Laugier has described as an incomplete upwards
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ciation, and from the British Medical Association had an
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the bowel. The incision was both vertical and transverse, to expose
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Poisons in the Expired Breath. — In 1863 Hammond believed he
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in which he spoke of the use of the galvanic current in
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Wrapping and care of newborn babies was demonstrated by Dr. D. L. Williams
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is a comparatively slight one and causes little disturb-
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says, in the last edition of his work on the pathology,
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the point where the head of the femur was deposited, and then
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and gold, both of which were known under the generic term of teocuitlatl,
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These statistics are surprising. I may have struck a fortunate lot
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was going to give anesthesia must also know physics,
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careful anah'sis are found to be atypical leukemia, with an anatomi-
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The misery this agitation is inflicting on the society of
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had contracted syphilis at the age of 30, with the character-
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Si healthy young man, he had fallen from a ladder, and cut his head. He
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