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the relief of what was supposed to be a spontaneous gangrene. The
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conditions we may mention : debility from previous illness,
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cystic and common ducts, without either a trace of sup-
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fulfilment of the scheme of its Executive Committee, under the
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tions are started before or at the time the abscess is opened,
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should lend the cause of scientific pharmacy and medi-
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ently perfect health. He was a light blonde and of a fresh color. He
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If sows are carelessly fed during pregnancy, trouble of some kind is
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of new bone, inclosing the necrosed upper two-thirds of the true shaft. At
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acids (which are always to be found in normal evacua-
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material at our command in such a manner pression, either good or bad, that is lasting
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exists as an available compound in the activating serum and in the
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and modified the symptoms decidedly in the other. ,
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It seems peculiar that the formation of the thrombus or clot
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lart^er number of cases th^n antimony alone. It is to
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Soc. de Biol. 11th May 1873, 10th June 1876.— 32. Hempel. Archivf. Gyn. vol. viii. p. 312.
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well on glycerin egg in primary cultures tanks of liquid chlorine, such as are used
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scarcity of similar cases, I may be pardoned for relating
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program and that the income tax rate is 40 per cent
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will, I believe, prevent the disastrous relapses so frequently
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centration of the fluid to a small volume, dialyzation, and finally
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rare cases of the f ulnainant type, it is probable that after
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underneath either sound or superficially ulcerated. Should the
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"Wednesday, 105 on Thursday, 88 on Friday, and 93 on Saturday ; and so
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he says.] "I go further: I would invite our allopathic colleagues (?) to join
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clearness, conciseness, the sifting of the important from the
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that they were allowed to remain in fitu a little longer. Ix)wer down in the vagina were
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120.— Tscherning. Li s images catoptriques d(> I'fleil
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nr. ue Morgan, under whose care the patient was placed. One third of a
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undertaken. There will be no bad effects from taking these
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In a study by Ganapati et al of lepromatous leprosy,
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lauded quite highly an Inaugural Address, published by Dr. Francis,
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a pea. In rare cases larger tumours may be formed by the grouping
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hours after the ice was applied it fell to 98°. How-
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instractive in regard to the recovery after all treatment had been aban-
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heart's action had been entirely under the control of
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effects. Certainly the cases presented to-night, with the history as