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of Mexico. The seeds should be roasted before eaten, though
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Surgeon to St. Joseph's Hospital; Ophthalmic Surgeon to
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the acute miliary tuberculosis supervenes upon phthisis, or
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The general treatment should be of the simplest and along the lines indi-
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possible. To organize our forces is the great work which the profession
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blood direct, as I hope to show you by my quotations from a number of
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the admission of the patient. The attending physician
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would be found, in an early stage, proliferation of the connective
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Shaw rightly proposes that a penalty should be attached
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by compressing the arterial supply somewhat. A speedy
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no untoward symptoms supervened. The patient was confined to bed
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What, however, we may and must ask of the doctor who has
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seventh — left side. (For technic of resection of rib, see page 506.)