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"thyroglobulin" and a nucleoproteid, thyro-albimiin, free from iodine, but
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ened, and was sensitive to pressure. The tibia was possibly a trifle enlarged
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and even when a complete dissection of the tumors is made there U inevitably
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same author reports dental caries. The writer has not noticed a special
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number of attacks, and probable cause of this condition, and the examiner
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literature by Garceau, the age at which the disease occurred is as follows:
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are left intact. It was nevertheless found on stimulatitii^ the depressor
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amounting to fifty-five, may be reduced to the following orders :
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Definition. — A vascular change, without organic disease of the vessels,
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li'ad to the jiroduction of ptomaines, whose suhsequent absorption into
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Drugs supposed to act as specifics in acute nephritis are of no benefit
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this is usually regarded as iminsurable, although many cases presenting aortic
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are affected, particularly the terminal phalanges, and so have the snape of
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liy introdiicintr in the coiiise of the artery a Imii,' v'lass tulie lieiit in i
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' Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, 1902| xvii, 398.
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almost always a definite increase in pyelonephritis. Speaking broadly, a
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described hyaline degeneration of stroma, follicles, and bloodvessels, but
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itself; on the other hand, quite early in some cases, and in the majority
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('li.liiii-. '.i;i; N;il f tin' ('•|..ttiii;i I'lmos. 101; luthioiico of Calcium Salts.
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throiiu'li the solution. We are driven, tlurcfore, 'o the conelusioii that,
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John Vetch, M.D. Physician to the Forces, and to the Ophthalmic
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absolutely unreliable, especially in cases of tuberculosis. It may not be amiss
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the primary condition. The osteo-arthropathy seems to influence neither
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the lymphatics has been explamed by the resistance of the capsule. How-
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