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prepared from the observations of Charles Peirce* and John Con-

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afterward was in robust health. A case came under the observation of

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the want of breath, the latter consisting of muco-purulent matter. Nie-

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duct of practitioners. The following statistical facts relating to the pro-

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than any man, of epilepsy especially, I unhesitatingly sfty, yes !

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diminishes the albumen well and rapidly in epithelial

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presence of air or gas in parts, and parasitic productions, vegetable and

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($4,160), collected from subscribers to the fund, and have, in ad-

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tion occur, the diagnosis is readily made without the aid of physical signs.

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which it may be associated, must influence, more or less, therapeutical

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Dr. Pepper stated that instances of the connection between

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tion of the pulse in the radial, brachial, or carotid artery on one side is one

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16 feet in length, the length of the large intestine being 5 feet and 10

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bitter infusions, are often useful. Preparations of iron are especially

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of food may be allowed when they are desired by the patient. Permitting

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insists on the efficacy of exercise in the open air in the treatment

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how criminally filthy and poisonous were the cells; they were

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In the third case, the hemorrhagic expectoration has continued for six

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pneumorrhagia, are identical with those which have been already noticed

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fore probably sometimes happens in cases of bronchial hemorrhage when

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in great numbers, it has been supposed to give rise to the affection known

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deaths in the English prisons and our own might, I think,

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Hospital, June 7th, supposed to be suffering with a syphilitic affec-

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pulsations are less, the direction of this line being also vertical, and the

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tor, the changes in the barometer are ahnost imperceptible, the

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benefitted from the application of exact hygienic and scien-

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buildings, or fumigated them with sulphur, and destroyed the clothing if

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disorder, or dyspepsia, and chronic gastritis. In merely functional dis-

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moderation, else they will be likely to do harm, rather than good, hy weak-