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while the skin is left comparatively unaffected. The point to be noted

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blue coloration at the point where the salt of iron had been placed, a certain

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Conconrs med., Par., 18!I6, xviii, 147-150. — Pcrret. De

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ers. Urine examination showed the presence of lead. In

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In this connection the following observations are of interest:

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when Greek met Greek, in spirit of rivalry rather than anger. Indeed,

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prisons. Their ages ranged from forty-five to fifty-five.

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vomiting of ingesta. On his entrance the general condition

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trouble. One may find endometritis with its constant irritation and exhaust-

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how far the way in which involution is effected is explained by histological

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to be most incessantly exercised in the minutest organisms. The motion of

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the brain taken out through the foramen magnum. Then all should

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Pignotti, Blase J., et al — Postoperative Epidural An-

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and when at length tlie vessel ends, it empties its blood

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that the deaths from diseases of the lungs in general amount to 5.3 per

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Papers on " The Diagnosis, Treatment and Pathology of

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rendered more appropriate, more physiological, more hygienic ;

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anterior portion of the sinus. The left hemisphere showed sev-

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planation of the impairment of coordination that existed

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The epicondyloid foramen is not gencr:illy found in the

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Relatively nonirritating . . . Virtually no central

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Dr. Judkins is of opinion that the entire paralysis was due

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Case VIII. — Double Pneumonia of low Type; Diptherite.

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power ; but as his investigations of course apply only to the state of the several

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that the female sex is lacking in muscular strength and

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made any selection ibr the purpose of enhancing the success of his operation;