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cases of chronic diarrhea, of several years duration, have yielded to it
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medical benefits ; (5) medical remuneration to be what the
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The treatment of poliomyelitis consists in preventing the spread of
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Interviews with numerous physicians disclose that it is com-
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article was a total surprise to me, as I had no knowledge of its appear-
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feet. The reaction of degeneration is present. Lumbar puncture fluid
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and pallidum antigen do not give identical results. Noguchi con-
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proven it to be of little value and nothing can be said in favor of
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to the Statewide specialty societies recognized by the
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He wished to talk in a pleasant way about one or two of these things.
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Pomeroy and B. Anderson. The Necrology Committee of the Council took
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deposit copies of their licenses with the clerk of the common
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lationship is not quite so dramatic, but it supports the
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at five months of age of cardiorespiratory arrest. Methi-
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He could not agree that chronic sinusitis is always easy of detection. A
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to be found along the line of palingenesis (development according to the
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sion. 30 These studies, especially that of Woods and
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Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery (1897) Michigan
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entire book is essentially a text-book for medical students and is not
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A man aged 47 presented himself complaining of swelling of the
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tungen der Nationen mit einer besonderen Betonung der gemeinsamen
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showed exposed excreta in alleys and open lots and large numbers
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batter. It ia well to allow a few minules for the salt to dissolve,
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Made in 1909 in the International Classification and to Other Changes
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The Section on Surgery met on Friday, December 22. The program
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best blood of a country is a new disease in modern Europe, it is
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detail for the general practitioner, the essential affections of the scalp
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accurate, thereby greatly enhancing the usefulness of the volume to stu-
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of sodium and, if too mild, supplements it with sulphates of magnesium
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of a Standard Certificate of Birth," by Doctor F. L. Watkins,
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