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quickly made by a simple observation cystoscopy. In the more

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Although Dr. Leahy and myself had felt assured of the diagnosis of

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may gradually become distended, forming a large unilocular cyst,


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training, by Mr. Halleck, a professor in the Louisville Male

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Cases are related of recovery after six months, and even after three

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from reading that article, as to the usage of the Lane plates and how he

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induced at eight months, which was done, and delivery accomplished

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of approximation — is the essential feature of the operation.

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smear over night eliminates all other acid fast bacilli. The pres-

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same time pressure is made externally upon the foetal head, or breech, as

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probable that the free and ample anastomotic opening, secured

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he is much fleshier and more healthy. His naother tells me that unless

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Medical Society in June, 1894, Dr. A. M. Cartledge says : " My

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In accordance with the decision of the Ninth Congress at Washington,

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newborn have attracted the attention of philosophical writers, and ex-

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between 80 to 120 mgr. per 100 cc or 0.08% to 0.12%. The

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come to me to see about her broken glasses. She had been without her

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amount given was fifteen grains (one gramme) at bed-time, although in obsti-

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sufficient seed. This is peculiarly emphasized in the varying per-

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ter, and pass upward along with the arteries, perforating the

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abouts. I remember stating to him that if he was in a hurry to get away,

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the ages often and thirty years. Its dimensions are relatively larger

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unqualified practitioner may result. This question of the treat-

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amounts, intimately combined with organic bases. The alkaloids of cod-liver

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due to temporary obstruction. These attacks of intestinal colic be-

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disease, grow better and, according to all tests, are apparently well. A

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Affections in General, and in Various Forms of Meningitis.

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published his favorable experience with resorcin in whooping-cough, adds

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missible, twelve hours should elapse, and then under cocaine

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medical treatment, and saw her again two months later. She had had

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but little food, suffered from pain over the pit of the stomach, which

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seen by Fischer, he presented a cachectic aspect and was poorly nourished, yet