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observation. The general directions are clear and to the
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the action of the nervous system, and accomplishes its work with-
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gion. He complains of a dull, aching pain in the part
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tent, and hereditarily, that is from parent to child. But
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capitis and P. vestimenti) . The experiments with lice were designed
hypertrophy of the prostate, with great pain during micturition;
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Tyson, and McPhedran, the discussion being closed by Dr. Billings.
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Colchicum autumnale is sedative, diuretic, diaphoretic, alter-
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talline. Now a lever-like movement is impressed on the
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cautionary" in the sense in which the word has been used here,
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as possible ; whilst others consider it essentially a local
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ful and extravagant pretensions of its enthusiastic friends
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we certainly have it in rhus aromatica." (McClanahan.)
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ation except when water was thrown into the peritoneal cav-
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vivid, and the parts dry and constricted, with sometimes the
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in doses varying from five drops to one drachm in four ounces
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has been unable since to resume them. The nature of the
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Within the solid cultures the microorganism develops not as
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of the da}'. At 7.15 p.m. he complained of a sudden, sharp, stabbing
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gout and obesity. In weak solution it is beneficial in many cases
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most of the cases described, pain seems to have been the first
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from thinking reflection, and au courant of the ''new, newer,
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Hernia is still more fatal in comparison than amputa-
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dance of fresh air and light is necessary, and regulate the
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extreme frequency, the clearness of their etiology, and
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disappear in a single day. Whilst the continuance of the remedy
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to depend on himself alone for a living and advance-
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if there is no malarial disease it causes irritation of the nervous
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thighs; a sense of weight and downward pressure in the lower
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signs of a pelvic collection that he passed a trocar into the
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organic phenomenon, whilst putrefaction can only be ex-
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of laboratory facts and methods in the study and treatment of the
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an influence which is often controlling in character.