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in the injured tissues, associated with swelling and
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24th, Ur. S. Harold Boyd, of Philadelphia. Pa., aged thirty
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suffer under the operation as they do when they are
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■tenc disturbances. Surgical interference is directed
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rate diagnostic agent at our disposal. The patient must
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a given district or locality, we had no better or more
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fium any lesion of such extent that I had ever witnessed. The
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had ended as an abortion. On admission it was stated that
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cure admission for a boy with disease of the leg. The
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Ramsey, then Medical Director of the Department, the nature of
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tion." In this case, the parts brought and held together
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younger than herself; one of them is subject to epilepsy, and
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lay in getting the patients back to the hospital. The
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a carrier and subject to relapses. Crude ipecac, on
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Case II. — Mr. C. D., aged thirty-eight years, a solicitor
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which the experiments had been conducted, and asked how
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resort is to empty the uterus under ether anesthesi;v.
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cauterized. 6. The final outcome of the larynx one year after cure and decanula-
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So much for the Acta during the past thirty years. I
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but an animal that has suffered from a partial rupture
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gests, to sanatorium treatment. The treatment is to be in
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ments that have been performed for years in physiological
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learn, does learn perhaps in one sense, but only so
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Art. ni. — Chloroform as an Internal Remedv, By A, P.
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tonsillar tissue has to be, and should be, sacrificed
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attend, but reported shortly afterwards that she was going
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ripe plum. During the month before admission he had
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upon previous experiments confirmed by satisfactory observations of
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the case of the balantidium coli, and the other organ-
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at was that dioradin had no effect on the patients whatso-
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same tendency to rise ; that the average pulse pres-
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not practicable or where one was not sure of having
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vent the animal from getting the foot too far backward.